The GCC-Stat Organizes a Workshop to Develop Labour Statistics in Bahrain

The workshop aimed to develop the use of administrative records data for statistical purposes in the GCC countries In collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO), the GCC-Stat organized a regional workshop on labour statistics based on administrative records in the GCC countries which was hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain represented by the Information & e-Government Authority (iGA) and lasted for three days.

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A GCC meeting in Muscat to Develop Health Status Based on Statistical Data and Indicators

Health Statistics Development Task Force Holds Its first Meeting The representative of the GCC National Statistical Offices, as well as the representatives of the Health Ministries and the GCC Health Council met in the headquarters of the GCC-Stat on Thursday morning the 18th of May in Muscat, the Omani capital, to form the task force concerned with the development of GCC health statistics which held its first meeting. The members of the Health Statistics Development Task Force aim to obtain health and vital data and indicators that will help to assess, develop and improve the health situation in the GCC countries, and to find an effective mechanism for health policy-making, as well as identify the changes in the health pattern.

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