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Organizational business and overall activities

Promoting statistical culture, raising awareness about statistics and enhancing the actual and accurate use of data and information in decision making and policy development in the GCC countries


Building and strengthening the institutional capacity of statistical centers in the GCC countries, the effective presence of the GCC countries in the international statistical development, and ensuring the sustainability of the statistical center in the long term.

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The development of the Business Registers in the GCC countries by the end of 2017

The GCC-Stat leads a project to develop using administrative data for statistical purposes.


In the context of this project during 2016, the GCC-Stat seeks to provide a platform to monitor and exchange information and expertise related to business registers, which will eventually lead to the achievement of the main objectives by the end of 2017, i.e. the development of the business registers in the Council Member States. The center also aims to implement the first statistical production process based on administrative sources. This project is in harmony with the other activities in which the GCC-Stat cooperates with the six national statistical centers in preparation for the harmonized administrative census 2020.

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Statistical standards, classifications, methodology and data quality

Play the leading role in the adoption of standards, classifications, methodologies and data quality


The implementation of the of international statistical recommendations and standards, the implementation of up-to-date international statistical classification, the implementation of common methodologies to produce GCC statistics gradually over the coming five years, the implementation of the quality assurance frame in 2017 and conducting a data quality evaluation afterwards.

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