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  • 3rd Version

    3rd Version

    The third version is considered to be the sap of its experience, where it witnessed a radical change in both corners: statistical and technical. On these two, it has have been recreated from the scratch and its branches rearranged. Now, the user should find it so easy to explore his way by himself, surf through the pages, and intuitively know his next point. The site has been built with the latest technical methods out there, and the interactive ways. And most importantly, fueled by statistical data and information in various topics, layouts and levels.

    Center Services Statistical Services
    Well, this version’s interface is out of the ordinary, it isn’t a familiar structure even to the statisticians. The goal is to deliver the material in a way that is likable, attractive, neat and different to the user.
    Docs Center 
    A central place for all the documents shared by the center. It is the source of all the documents of any section in the website. That’s so users can search in one place for any desired document, where they don’t know/remember its actual place or section.
    Website's Version History 
    Intentionally or not, it’s here, where you are right now, needs no definition… The fact is you reading this line particularly, indicates that you aware of its function. So, thank you…
    Events Calendar 
    The enhancement here is, the actual component has been replaced, one of the iconic feature would be, the ability to register in the event, if there is…
    Open Data 
    Following the worldwide tend by making our data portal an open data where the users can use it in their different applications. The new version allows them to source these data into any way, shape or form they prefer, to any mobile application or others as they like.
    Statistical Projects 
    Lists down the main statistical projects included in the strategic statistics roadmap 2015-2020, and aligned with the center’s objectives.
    Release Calendar 
    Allows the seekers to know the publishing dates of the center’s publications and releases.
    Analytical Visions 
    Showcases the analysis and statistical information about the main social and economic development sectors that are related to GCC.
    Guidelines and Technical Papers 
    This page displays the information about the guided principles, technical papers and the requirements for collecting, producing and publishing economic, social and demographic statistics in regional and local levels.
    This page displays the information about documenting and classifying the methodologies and the international standards used in the center, and make it available for all, to support the harmonization in official statistics sourced out from the GCC statistical system.
    GCC Country Profiles 
    It displays the main economic, social and demographic profiles and sector indicators for GCC member countries, so it allows the user to know more about them – GCC member countries.
    National Surveys 
    This page includes the most important national surveys conducted on the GCC regional level as a whole, and it’s according to the strategic statistical roadmap for GCC up to 2020.
    International Ranking
    A corner to know the main worldwide or regionally ranking of the whole GCC or each individual GCC member country.
    Economic Knowledge 
    Publish, produce and exchange knowledge as economic statistical activity, so it appeals the most important sectorial economic and social indicators, as well as the websites of business and investment organizations/institutes in GCC countries.
    Annual Performance Report    
    A yearly statement reports the performance of the center, and what has been achieved during the year. It's produced yearly.
    Center Services Statistical Services
  • 2nd Version

    2nd Version

    Due to the fact that the first version of the center’s website tricked in haste, so it has become building a second version a goal to the center, taking into account the state of the latest technologies, add useful and convenient services for the user, and let it be browsed and used easily. Moreover, to serve different user segments, and, in particular, statisticians and decision makers.

    Center Services Statistics Services
    The worth mentioning enhancement in the interface is, apart from its beauty aspect, its responsivity, which makes it displayable and readable in any screen sizes, cell phones, tablets or PCs.
    The forum was made as a resort for statisticians, in particularly, standing-committees members. So, they can discuss their topics, share files and following the execution of their meetings recommendations.
    Events Calendar 
    It became an interactive calendar, from just a simple table. The users, now, are able to see the center’s events clearly, add those events to their favorable calendars so they don’t miss it.
    An important tool that announces for the available vacancies, receiving the applicants’ applications online. So there is excuse, no distance barrier, and a fair chances to everyone.
    Display the list of tenders placed down by the center and their status…
    An important statements, e.g. privacy statement, disclaimer, terms of use …, that establishes the relationship and the boundaries between the user who uses the center’s website and the center, also states the rights of both parties, and how each shall preserve for the other.
    It was lacking in the first edition, with it, users can have a profile of their own, customize the website, and have these customization save in their preference. In addition, based on their privileges, they can gain access to certain places of the website.
    The users have the option to establish a secure connection with the website using this protocol. It starts when they log in.
    Site Map 
    It displays a tree of links of all the places in the website, which might give the user an easy navigation to whole thing.
    Newsletter Subscription 
    The users can subscribe so they receive the latest news and be in touch with the center.
    Data Portal 
    An interactive database. It contains data of different topics in statistics, and displays it in tables or many kind of charts. The users can also built their own queries, or even download those data, so it can utilize their own utilities.
    An electronic library that displays the center’s publications and files. It includes GCC national center publications as well.
    GCC-Stat Strategic Planning and Road Maps for Development 2015 to 2020
    Work Program    
    Consistent with the Roadmap, this document sets out the work program for a particular year.
    Allowing users to perform the surveys online.
    Important Links
    Some of the main links to the important statistical sources and websites.
    Center Services Statistics Services
    • Files Center
    • Experts Directory
  • 1st Version

    1st Version

    Along with starting up the center, the first edition of its website has been built, in haste. So, it can fulfill the center’s basic requirements. Nonetheless, helping in introducing the center through its initial phases of creation, show some of the main statistics and indicators that of interest to the scene dramatically. In despite of its simple frontend interface, it served to be an important panel of the center’s advertisements like job vacancies and tenders. In addition, it was showing the center’s news and events, even it wasn’t as interactive as it should be.

    Center Services Statistics Services
    Displays the latest news of the center on both fields: local or regional. In additions, the press statements and held events.
    A simple table that list down all the events that are going to be held during the current year, and states their dates.
    A simple board to announce new available vacancies or tenders.
    Files Center 
    Enabling users to download center’s published files, as bylaw or others…
    A drop-down list of the main indicators, in different topics, with charts… In addition, some of the indicators produced by the center representing the GCC regional level.
    A place for showing the center’s publications, as well as what other GCC national centers are publishing.
    Experts Directory
    A service addressed to the GCC national centers. It is a directory of experts’ resumes, who can help those centers in many of the statistical areas, and their experience can be utilized.