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GCC-Stat Board of Directors Holds its Second Meeting

Active pursuit to achieve the goals of the Statistical Strategic Plan and the Road Map 2015-2020. The GCC-Stat held its second meeting for 2016 at the center’s headquarters in Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman. The board meeting discussed several priority topics relevant to the development of statistical work in the GCC countries. The GCC-Stat second board meeting reviewed the course of the GCC-Stat’s Statistical Strategic Plan and the Statistical Road Map 2015-2020 in order to achieve statistical goals at GCC level through the country implementation plans. Moreover, the board discussed the updates related to the development of Tourism Statistics in the context of the Statistical Strategic Plan and Road Map 2015-2020. The board also reviewed the efforts carried o​-ut by the GCC-Stat in order to coordinate with the World Tourism Organization to develop a mutual action plan to develop Tourism Statistics in the GCC countries and to prepare annual work programmes, and national plans to achieve this goal. The meeting discussed the GCC-Stat’s memorandum presenting a proposal to develop Health and Vital Statistics in the GCC countries as one of the key pillars in support of decision making and the development of policies that aim to provide and develop quality health care, in order to achieve the sustainable development goals of 2030, in addition to the achievement of related national and regional objectives. The meeting discussed the GCC-Stat hosting of a high-level workshop by the end of 2016 that gathers senior officials from all GCC countries and the GCC-Stat staff to review the progress made in the implementation of the country implementation plans and to exchange experiences. The board meeting also discussed the duties of the GCC-Stat to provide technical support to Member States. ​

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