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meeting Technical Committee for the Harmonized 2020 Population

The Sultanate hosted yesterday morning the second meeting of technical committee for the Harmonized 2020 Population Census of the Gulf Cooperation Council at the City Seasons Hotel Muscat, organized by the Gulf Cooperation Council Statistical Center (GCC-STAT) over two consecutive days.

The meeting is part of the preparations done by the center for carrying out the Harmonized 2020 Population Census. The meeting also discussed the following-up of the recommendations of the first meeting of the committee as well as discussing the work plan of the technical committee and the road map of the 2020 census.
During the meeting, representatives of the member countries, presented the most important preparations and procedures taken in their countries for carrying out the census. The principles and recommendations of the United Nations for the 2020 Census were also showcased to the members at the meeting. The Members also studied several proposals, including a proposal of partnership with the concerned authorities of administrative records in addition to expanding the membership of the Technical Committee for the 2020 Census to include key stakeholders, and a proposal on preparing and issuing a reference guide for the implementation process of the unified census.
The creation of strong partnerships is a crucial step in ensuring collective contribution in all stages of the Harmonized 2020 Population Census project by facilitating the flow of the required data, standardizing concepts and classifications in coordination with the statistical offices, as well as working on providing the data in the proper form and timing. During the meeting, participants also prepared for holding a workshop on the Harmonized Population Census, in addition to reviewing the structure and tasks of the census team.
The Technical Committee for the Census is considered a cornerstone of the joint work of the Gulf statistics offices especially with regards to the outputs that are based on data provided by official authorities at each member country.This meeting is part of the continuous efforts that are being put forward by the statistical offices of the GCC, which aim at developing programs, regulating mechanisms, and the cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council Statistical Center (GCC-STAT).




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