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Statistical Centre for the Cooperation Council Hosts the First meeting of GCC Economic Statistics Committee

 The Statistical Centre for the Cooperation Council for the Arab Countries of the Gulf (GCC-Stat) recently hosted the first meeting of the GCC Economic Statistics Committee. Convened with the objective of laying down a framework for the economic statistics committee, the two-day meeting highlighted GCC-Stat upcoming projects and various issues related to economic statistics. The meeting was attended by directors of economic units from the respective GCC member states statistical departments.

In his welcoming address, H.E. Sabir bin Said Al Harbi, Director General of GCC-Stat, stressed on the vital role of economic statistics as a base for GCC-Stat’s reports and bulletins. “We aspire to see an integrated economic statistics system by GCC member states following the remarkable efforts to enhance the efficiency of GCC statistical departments and ensure the quality and efficiency of economic statistical projects.”

The meeting highlighted GCC-Stat’s plans and projects for 2014, and discussed the recommendations from previous meetings of economic statistic directors. It also highlighted the current survey by a global consulting institution which is studying and re-evaluating the available data and statistics in each statistical authority across GCC, as well as ways to enhance collaboration and integration of economic statistics in the region.

Participants at the meeting reaffirmed their commitment towards a proper flow of data and information through prescribed channels as the Centre plans to expand its base of publications, monthly statistical bulletins, and annual reports that cover demographic, social, economy, and environmental issues, and various stats related to GCC countries.

The meeting also discussed the upcoming statistical projects within the GCC-Stat program for 2014, including: National Accounts 2008, establishment of indicators & indices, the development of products and services statistics, the pan-GCC census 2020, developing job market statistics, establishing data quality scheme and a unified statistical classification system, development of data classification system synced with available administrative records, environment and energy related statistics, developmental indicators and statistics and financial statistics.

The meeting was concluded by a visit of the participants to GCC-Stat headquarters in Muscat, where they toured the Centre and learned more about its various departments, as well as meeting with experts and officials at GCC-Stat.


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