Statistician (Junior)

General Conditions:


1. The applicant shall be a national of origin and origin in one of the GCC countries.
2. The applicant must have completed 18 years of age and shall not be older than 45, be of healthy quality, good conduct, and enjoy cooperation and teamwork.
3. Fluency in Arabic and English, spoken and written, and has a good level of use of computer software and applications (Microsoft Office).
4. The certificate of study shall be issued by an academic institution recognized and approved by a Member State and equivalent to the scientific qualification required to fill the job.
5. The graduation rate is not less than a good estimate or equivalent in academic systems.
6. An official document must be submitted to the applicant's practical experience, indicating the job and the length of time, and the applicant may be required to provide a proven publication of the scientific papers or reports produced by them.
7. The Centre shall have the right to abolish the post contained in the Declaration without giving reasons.
8. No applications that do not meet the requirements of the post will be considered or have not complied with the provisions of this Declaration.
9. Determine the rank/degree of finance based on the qualifications and experience of the candidate associated with the field of the post to be filled, within the framework of the Regulations and Rules of the centre.
11. After the filing period, applications will be sorted, and then communicate with eligible applicants (only) by the e-mail address specified in their CV to invite them to complete the tests or personal interview of the Post.
Attachment (PDF):